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Daniel Fürg

Daniel Fürg founded his first startup at the age of 15. Back then he was still at school and went to the cinema quite often. Together with a small group of friends he developed the idea of having an online platform to share opinions on the newest movies. What started as a community for this small group got more and more reach and developed into a professional online editorial.

After founding several other online magazines for lifestyle and travel topics he got more and more requests to support companies in developing a working digital strategy – which was the starting point for FÜRG Consulting, a strategy consulting firm with a strong focus on innovation.

In 2015 he founded 48forward, an event series about innovation and future topics. The annual festival and its satellite events around the year became an important international platform for sharing innovative trends, concepts and ideas.

Besides that he is also a Member of the Executive Board of the International PressClub of Munich – one of the biggest journalist clubs in Europe.

Daniel Fürg is also a frequent speaker at international conferences and loves to share insights on corporate culture, his entrepreneurial learnings and future topics.

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